How can personal injury damages help after a car accident?

Personal injury legal protections are an important remedy for car accident victims following an unexpected car accident. A claim for damages can help injured victims address their injuries, damages and the challenges they unexpectedly face following a car accident.

Victims of car accidents should be familiar with the different types of physical, financial and emotional damages that may available to them through a personal injury claim for damages. Following are the damages available for a personal injury claim.

Medical expenses

Damages for medical expenses, including the medical treatment and care the victim needs, may be available to injured victims. In addition, future medical care costs may also be available.

Lost wages

Lost wages for the time the injured victim has to spend away from work recovering from their injuries may be available to injured victims. In addition, lost-earning capacity may also be available depending on the nature and the extent of the injuries suffered by the victim and the victim’s ability to return to work.

Pain and suffering

Pain and suffering damages may be available to injured victims to help address the emotional toll an unexpected car accident can take.

Legal recourse

A personal injury claim for damages serves several purposes. It helps to hold a negligent driver responsible for the harm suffered by the victim accountable and can also help with the unique needs and damages injured victims face. While personal injury damages are specific to the situation and circumstances, car accident victims should have a general sense of the types of damages that may be available to help them.

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