Fraud and theft allegations lead to two women being arrested

In Pensacola and throughout Florida, being arrested for any reason can be challenging. This is especially true if the charges are for theft. Many might think that theft involves overtly taking something that belongs to someone else like a vehicle, jewelry or cash. However, a significant portion of criminal allegations for theft are white collar crimes. It might be fraud, embezzlement, a Ponzi scheme, stock manipulation or insider trading. Often, it involves a person who works at a business or is related to a business owner.

White collar crimes can result in severe penalties that are as bad or worse than those dispensed for convictions related to violent crimes. For those who are arrested for this type of theft, it is wise to understand how to lodge a strong defense. Two women, 36 and 28, are confronted with multiple charges related to fraud for having stolen nearly $460,000 from a business. The 36-year-old woman is the daughter of one of the business owners.

The theft is said to have taken place over the course of two years. Included are charges for stealing more than $100,000, which is grand theft. They are also said to have plotted to defraud for more than $50,000; used a computer to defraud; and committed two counts of money laundering for more than $100,000. Law enforcement claims they used electronic wire transfers, created false documents and altered accounting records to obscure the behavior.

Regardless of the charges and the severity, it is imperative to understand the potential consequences from the start. A conviction on white collar crimes may result in an extended prison sentence and hefty fines. It can also negatively impact the future when seeking a job, trying to get into a school and other endeavors.

There are avenues of defense that may be effective when defending against these charges. It might be possible to reduce the charges through a plea agreement. These cases are complex, particularly when a person is related to a business owner. For assistance in determining the preferable course of action, consulting with a law firm experienced in white collar crimes and aggressive in providing criminal defense could be helpful.

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