DUI convictions may cause employment troubles

Anyone arrested for a DUI in Florida may face serious consequences in a criminal court, including fines, jail time, probation, and license revocation. Even after paying the price for a DUI, a driver might continue to face problems. In particular, a DUI conviction could hurt someone’s employment and career prospects.

A DUI conviction and employment

DUI conviction on someone’s record could haunt the person for years. An applicant might face exclusions from jobs that require driving, even side gigs such as ride-sharing opportunities. Although a particular job may not involve driving, a background check could reveal the convictions, and employers might worry about the applicant’s alcohol or drug use. Concerns that the person may come to work impaired could lead to losing consideration for a decent job offer.

That said, an employer may give someone a chance even with a DUI on the person’s record. If enough time passes and no other convictions appear, the employer might not hold the issue against an applicant. Unfortunately, some would-be employers might not be so generous.

Federal law establishes protections for job applicants convicted of crimes. However, the law still permits businesses to exclude candidates under certain exceptions.

Addressing the DUI charge

DUI defense that leads to either a not guilty verdict or the dismissal of charges could eliminate the woes a conviction brings. Although someone ends up being arrested for driving under the influence, the case could be weak. For example, if the police lacked probable cause for the DUI arrest, the case might collapse. A dashcam video in a car may reveal that no probable cause existed.

Sometimes, a person could fail a breath test even when he or she did not drink. Rinsing with mouthwash before driving might lead to failing a breath test, for example. Ultimately, an arrest does not always mean a conviction and its associated penalties.

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