The role fatigue plays in truck accidents

You’ve likely seen a couple of roadside and television ads regarding how dangerous it is to drink and drive across Florida and the rest of the nation. However, there is another very real and extremely dangerous situation that people tend to place themselves in, and that is driving while fatigued. This is especially prevalent among truck drivers. As drivers of titanic-sized vehicles, the potential damage they can cause is enormous. Keep reading for further information on the role fatigue plays in auto accidents.

What fatigued drivers experience

When fatigue begins to hit a truck driver, he or she is likely to go through several stages before his or her body simply shuts down. The first stage will likely involve constant yawning and blurry vision. Next, the driver will begin to lose focus and attempt to find things to distract him or herself with, such as the radio. Lastly is the loss of coordination and awareness. Unfortunately, this is when many auto accidents occur as truck drivers are suddenly half-awake while driving.

Auto accident with a truck

Although being involved in an auto accident is bad enough, the personal injuries truck accidents can cause can be far worse. If you are lucky enough to survive such a crash, you should document everything around you. This means taking statements from onlookers and collecting documents from police officers. You may also take a few pictures and videos of the scene before anything is moved.

What tends to be the cause of driver fatigue?

Just like with civilian drivers, there are several causes of fatigue among truckers. The most obvious of these includes simply driving too long on the road. Unfortunately, it is often the demands of their own companies that tend to force drivers to drive longer than they should. In fact, truck drivers are breaking several state laws when this occurs as there are laws that exist about driving over their allowed time. Other causes of driver fatigue include:

  • Medication
  • Sickness
  • Alcohol intoxication
  • Long routes

If you have gotten into an accident with a truck driver, you need to reach out to a lawyer as soon as possible. Doing so may put you on the right path to receiving the compensation you deserve.

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