Is a test for marijuana impairment on the horizon?

Medical marijuana is legally available in Florida and other locations in the Sunshine State. Recreational marijuana is not. There has been a consistent increase in the sale of medicinal marijuana in the state. The growing use of the drug raises questions regarding driving and marijuana usage. One such query is whether something like a marijuana breathalyzer is on the horizon.

Limited research on impact of marijuana use on driving

Research into the impact marijuana use has on a person’s driving abilities is deemed to be limited. There simply is not enough research to make definitive conclusions about the impact that marijuana has on an individual’s ability to safely operate a motor vehicle on a public roadway.

Large swath of different types of marijuana plays into the mix

Another key reason why developing some sort of standardized test to ascertain marijuana’s impact on driving ability stems from the fact that there are so many different types of marijuana available on the medicinal market today. These different strains of the plant have varying potencies.

In addition, the delivery system used to ingest marijuana has a direct impact on the rate and degree it will impact a user. Developing a meaningful test to ascertain whether a person might be impaired and receive a DUI needs to take these variables into consideration.

Marijuana impacts people markedly differently than alcohol

There is enough scientific evidence to underscore the fact that marijuana impacts a person’s system in notably different ways than does alcohol. Indeed, marijuana primarily impacts entirely different bodily elements than alcohol.

Despite a lack of clear testing protocols for marijuana use and driving, people in Florida do face charges regarding their ingestion of this drug. If you find yourself in such a position, seeking experienced legal counsel is nearly always an advisable course.

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