Facts about driving under the influence

Impaired driving is a serious issue in Florida. The state is a mecca for tourists of all ages all year round in addition to its residents, which means the highway are always full of travelers on the go and often in a hurry. This scenario alone means that driving can be challenging. But when intoxicated drivers are added to the mix, traveling becomes dangerous and deadly. However, some motorists do still choose to drink and drive unaware of some sobering associated facts.

Only time makes a driver sober

One of the first myths that many who drink and drive will follow is drinking coffee or a soda after consuming alcohol thinking it will help them sober up while driving. The only sure method for avoiding a DUI is waiting until the alcohol runs its course in the body. Even for a person of significant size, as little as four drinks can induce impairment and smaller individuals can tolerate even less.

The same laws do not apply to underage drivers

Florida has a zero-tolerance policy for drivers under 21 years of age. The blood-alcohol content level for underage drivers is any amount at all. Additionally, anyone who is under the influence of illegal or prescription drugs are in violation of the law as well, and this applies to those who are over 21 years old.

Driving under the influence is deadly

Many accidents happen when individuals drive after drinking but are not necessarily inebriated beyond the legal limit. A BAC of .08 will result in a DUI citation in Florida. Buzzed driving may not be illegal, but it can still contribute to causing accidents. Studies have shown that someone dies in a drunk driver accident every 51 minutes in the United States, and many of those occur in Florida.

It is important for all motorists in Florida to understand that being charged with intoxicated driving is indeed a serious criminal matter, and the courts are assuredly serious about prosecuting charges. The best way to avoid a DUI is simply to not drink and drive.

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