Florida ranked among the most dangerous states

How safe of a place to live is Florida? Residents here may find the answer pointed to by a recent report to be rather discouraging.

A WalletHub study ranked all the states on safety. In determining how safe the different states are, the report looked at over 50 factors. Each factor fit into one of five general categories: emergency preparedness, financial safety, road safety, workplace safety and personal & residential safety,

Florida did not do well in the report. In fact, it was found to be one of the least safe states in the nation. Specifically, it was ranked 48th overall.

The state did poorly more or less across the board. In all five of the above-mentioned safety categories, Florida was among the ten worst-ranked states.

Which of the five safety categories did Florida do the worst in? The state’s poorest performance was in road safety, where it was ranked 47th.

Do you agree with the report’s findings? What do you see as the biggest safety problems in Florida? What would do you think should be done to make Florida safer?

As this study indicates, there are many hazards that individuals here in Florida can face. So, it is important to be alert and vigilant, particularly out on the roads. However, even the most cautious person can end up facing auto accidents or other harms when others fail to act properly. When people are injured out on the roads or in other places because of the carelessness of others, personal injury claims can provide an important avenue for relief.

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