Driving while high could have consequences

Drunk driving remains a serious problem on roads throughout the United States, and many people would prefer to call a taxi than risk driving drunk. Ironically, some may find drunk driving appalling, but they’d take risks driving while high. Even people who do not have a Florida medical marijuana card might smoke or otherwise ingest cannabis before driving. Such a decision may result in a deadly crash.

Driving while high proves extremely dangerous

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention notes that an unfortunate number of marijuana users drive while high. Not everyone drives a car immediately after smoking marijuana, but some do. Others think letting two hours or so pass after getting high might be enough to drive safely, a severe error in judgment.

Confusion could exist about mixed messages on marijuana’s benefits. People use marijuana to deal with pain, but pain-alleviation benefits have nothing to do with the psychological effect. As with someone under the influence of legal pain pills, anyone using marijuana should not drive when intoxicated.

Penalties from DUI arrests

Someone arrested for a DUI could face jail time and the loss of his or her license. Other charges may result, as the DUI arrest could lead to possession and other charges. Similarly, someone who causes an accident while high would likely face a personal injury lawsuit for any resulting harm or property damage. And yes, a DUI suspect may deal with both criminal and civil actions simultaneously.

Not everyone charged with driving under the influence is guilty, though. False positives may lead to charges, among other problems. Sometimes, a case could fall apart due to police officer misconduct, while the other party’s actions may undermine a civil suit.

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