What is discovery in a DUI case?

There are many Pensacola residents who have understood the consequences of having one too many glasses of wine at a restaurant. A DUI arrest is one of the most common criminal charges in Florida, affecting thousands of residents each year. A DUI charge is aggressively prosecuted in Florida which is why someone who is facing a DUI may want to hire an attorney with experience in DUI defense.

The DUI process typically begins with an arrest followed by an arraignment. After the arraignment there will be a second court date. Between the arraignment of the defendant and their second court date is a time for discovery. There are many things that are done during the discovery process. A DUI defense attorney will petition the state to provide all evidence they have against their client. This evidence may include:

  • Body camera footage
  • Patrol car camera
  • Breathalyzer results
  • Blood test results
  • Photographs
  • Witnesses
  • Police reports

When a person has been pulled over for a DUI, they may feel scared and unsure of what is going to happen next. Hiring an attorney who has experience with DUI defense can be critical in making sure a defendant’s rights are protected. A DUI conviction can bring thousands of dollars in fines, license suspension, a ruined professional and personal reputation, and even jail time. An attorney understands the high price a DUI conviction can bring and can aggressively defend their client against these charges. Everyone makes mistakes sometimes but these mistakes shouldn’t cost a person a lifetime of consequences.

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