Wrong-way accident with semi leads to Jeep driver’s DUI arrest

In Pensacola and across Florida, auto accidents are a common cause of injury and death. After an accident, law enforcement will investigate the case to determine its cause and charge drivers who might have committed a violation. Driving under the influence is a frequent reason for auto accidents and otherwise law-abiding citizens may face severe penalties if they are accused of DUI. If there are allegations of DUI, it is vital to know the possible ways to defend against the charges and avoid a conviction.

Collision between semi and Jeep leads to man’s DUI arrest

A 32-year-old resident of Pensacola was arrested for DUI after he collided with a semi-truck. The accident happened in the early-morning hours at about 2 a.m. The semi was carrying methanol gas and going east over a bridge. The Dodge Jeep was heading west in the wrong direction on the same road. The road was undergoing repair work and the truck was in the inside lane. As the Jeep approached, the semi driver tried to evade it by heading into the lane that had been closed for the work. The Jeep crashed into the semi. After law enforcement arrived, they arrested the driver of the Jeep for suspected DUI.

Understanding the penalties and defending against DUI charges

There are understandably harsher penalties depending on the circumstances of the DUI charge. If, for example, there are fatalities in an accident, the alleged DUI driver may face a vehicular homicide charge which often carries an extended jail sentence. If it was an accident in which no one was hurt, the consequences are likely to be less severe. A simple traffic stop and DUI charge will have penalties including fines, possible jail and a driver’s license suspension. When there is an arrest for DUI – regardless of the situation – it is wise to understand that there are avenues of defense to explore. These can be effective to mitigate the charges or to get an acquittal.

Formulating a defense for DUI allegations requires legal advice

Fortunately, no one was injured in this accident and there was not an explosion of the flammable substance the trucker was hauling. Still, the driver who was on the wrong side of the road should be aware of how to defend against the charges. There could be an argument that he was not under the influence and committed no violation. He may have just made a wrong turn on the road. A plea bargain could be an alternative. For this man and anyone arrested for DUI, having an aggressive firm with experience in how to combat these charges can be useful as part of a DUI defense.

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