Are DUI charges possible when riding a bicycle?

In Florida, when a person is facing charges for driving under the influence, it is an automatic assumption that it occurred while driving a motor vehicle. However, there are other circumstances in which people can be charged with DUI – specifically while riding a bicycle. Although it sounds unusual, there can be various penalties for a conviction and it is imperative to craft a defense.

Bicyclists should be aware of possible DUI charges

Bicycles are categorized as vehicles in Florida and the rules for riding sober apply. Riding a bicycle requires alertness, attention and dexterity just as driving a car or truck does. If the rider is under the influence, that can be compromised. Despite bicycle DUIs not having the lingering danger of an automobile crash with injuries and death as when driving drunk, it should at least be understood that bicycle DUI can cause problems with penalties assessed for conviction.

People do not need a license to ride a bicycle, so even if there is a conviction the driver’s license will not be suspended. Still, the other rules for DUI apply with the blood-alcohol concentration measured to see the level of intoxication. If the rider is at 0.08% or above, he or she will be considered under the influence. Riders can have accidents that injure themselves, other bicyclists and pedestrians. It can also result in making reckless maneuvers that cause cars to swerve and have a collision. As with any legal challenge, a bicycle DUI warrants having professional advice.

A comprehensive defense can be beneficial with any DUI case

Any conviction for an illegal act can be an issue in a person’s life, so it is always wise to avoid that if possible. This is true with any kind of DUI charge including bicycle DUI. The same principles of any DUI or criminal defense may apply such as questioning the evidence. To understand these cases, the possible penalties and to formulate an effective strategy to reduce the charges, have them dropped or get an acquittal, it is useful to have professional assistance from the beginning.

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