Forming a defense against domestic violence charges

Being accused of domestic violence in Florida is a serious situation. This is a charge that carried with it a great deal of emotional impact. You will need to form a defense strategy that will clear your name. There are a number of tactics that you can use in order to do so. A few of the best can be outlined below.

The police have the wrong suspect

One of the most effective criminal defense strategies you can mount is a claim that you are the wrong suspect. For example, you can claim that it was someone else who was responsible for the abuse that occurred.

If you choose to mount this type of defense, you’re going to need plenty of strong evidence to back it up. You will have to prove that you were not the abuser. You must also prove that you were nowhere near the scene when the incident took place. Whatever alibi you can muster needs to be a strong one.

Someone is making false allegations against you

You can choose to mount the defense that someone is making false allegations of domestic violence against you. They can be doing so out of spite or in hopes of financial gain. This happens a great deal in divorce and child custody cases.

You can try to point out any inconsistencies or outright false statements that form part of the testimony against you. You can use police and medical records along with statements from other witnesses to form a vital part of your defense.

There is no proof of the allegations

Can the person who accused you provide real proof of their allegations? If you can poke holes in their testimony, you may be able to receive the benefit of the doubt. If this occurs, the case may collapse.

This defense may fail if the other side is able to provide evidence from the police, medical personnel, or eyewitnesses that prove their story. Should this occur, you will need to work hard to discredit this evidence.

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