A woman has been charged with stealing lottery tickets

A Florida woman is facing multiple criminal charges after stealing a vehicle and thousands of dollars worth of lottery tickets. According to the police, an anonymous person submitted a tip about a woman in a convenience store parking lot. When the police arrived, the woman was sitting in a vehicle in the parking lot with two flat tires.

The woman stole lottery tickets from a convenience store

The police asked the woman to step out of the vehicle. When she did, she accidentally dropped her purse, causing $8,700 in lottery tickets to fall out. The lottery tickets were still wrapped in their original packaging. The authorities claim that the woman allegedly stole the tickets from the nearby convenience store. Later, they learned that the vehicle had also been stolen earlier in the week.

The woman has been charged with grand theft and illegal possession of lottery tickets. She might need to hire a criminal defense lawyer to handle her case. A court date has not yet been released.

What should you do if you’re accused of theft?

Theft might sound like a relatively minor charge, but it could result in extensive fines and jail time. In many cases, theft is compounded with other charges like assault and battery. If you have prior offenses on your record, you might be looking at several years in prison. You might also lose your job and current source of housing.

Whether you’re dealing with a small misdemeanor or a serious felony, an attorney could represent you in court and help you through the legal system. It’s their job to present the best possible defense regardless of whether you’re guilty or not. If your attorney can prove that the prosecution violated your rights in any way, certain charges or pieces of evidence might be thrown out of court.

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